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Aire Serv
Aire Serv

Increased Profits and Proven Success

for Gas and Heating Engineers

Our franchise system offers step-by-step business practices and a proven methodology for you to follow to achieve business success.

Gas and Heating Engineers
Mr. Electric
Mr. Electric

Achieve the Lifestyle You Want

With a Successful Business

Mr. Electric offers the opportunity to grow a substantial business with the potential to achieve a turnover in excess of £1million.

Expert Electrical Service

"The team at Aire Serv has a rare talent - they keep their promises. My business is orderly and predictable. I have all the support I need to take it quickly to the next level." - Franchisee Doug Mulcahy

Discover the benefits of owning your own Aire Serv

"Success is all about having the right attitude – I'm sitting on a million-pound-a-year business that delivers a very healthy income for me and my family." - Franchisee Jeff Longley

Discover the benefits of owning your own Mr. Electric

Aire Serv's Doug Mulcahy - Benefits of Being a Franchise

Mr. Electric’s Lee Ives – Benefits of Being a Franchisee

Mr Electric Franchisee - Benefits Of Being A Franchisee

Service Franchise Opportunities with Dwyer Group

Service Franchise Opportunities

For Trade Professionals or Entrepreneurs

Are you an ambitious trade professional? Or an entrepreneur seeking a low risk, high profit investment for your new business?

You get peace of mind with guaranteed leads and the support to turn these leads into customers. You will have everything you need to grow a successful business using streamlined systems and easy financial controls; that help you to achieve your ambitions.

2,500 Franchisees
10 Countries

Franchise Support Sustem

Dwyer Franchising

This is your chance to invest in a low risk, high profit business that will realistically achieve in excess of £200,000 sales per year. Established franchisees regularly achieve over £1,000,000 sales per year.

Why Convert Your Business Into a Franchise?

If you have already put countless hours into a business but you’re just not seeing the results, you should consider converting it into a franchise.

By converting your existing business into a franchise, you give it brand name power that already maintains a stellar reputation in the community. You can also purchase supplies, equipment, and tools at discounted prices because our partnerships. When it comes to a marketing network, you are backed by a system that has been developed over multiple decades. This means you can take your business to the next level and achieve the success you hoped for when you first started your own business.

Secure Your Location Today

UK locations are exclusive. You will be the only franchisee to get the guaranteed leads in your geographic area.
Make sure you are the only business to receive these leads.

Dwyer Group: Leading the Service Industry

Take the opportunity to own a business by partnering with Dwyer Group. For over 30 years, franchise owners around the world have built successful businesses. Globally recognised and with the experience, resources and networks to support a growing franchise.

Dwyer Group gives you the chance to secure your financial future, just as 2,500 franchisees across 10 countries have also achieved.

Live R.I.C.H. with Dwyer Group

We combine a profitable culture with a small business atmosphere. When you choose to join one of the Aire Serv or Mr. Electric service franchise opportunities, you will continue to benefit from ongoing support. Key to the our tremendous growth is the unwavering Code of Values centered on themes of Respect, Integrity, Customer Focus and Having Fun (R.I.C.H.).

Our Code of Values

Our Brands Are Consistently Being Recognised

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