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There’s no such thing as customer loyalty.

Yes I am grouping all businesses together, but think about it. Customers and trade buyers go where they will get the best deal. That’s not just the cheapest prices. But the best value for money.

Just because your customer used your services once before, don’t be fooled into thinking that they will buy from you for a second time. Your customer may have had a good experience. But next time they are likely to buy from someone who provides a product as good as yours that costs a little less. Or is delivered a little faster.

So what can you do to keep your customers coming back time and time again?

To answer this question, take a step back and reflect on what would keep a customer coming back. Three common scenarios are:

  1. Customer and business have a positive relationship (an emotional attachment)
    In this instance, the customer has formed a positive relationship with a person who works for your business, or the business itself. They may even have had a great experience which has turned into an emotional bond.

    Unfortunately, unless the emotional bond is nurtured, it fades away fast. And, quite frankly, there are few businesses that nurture their relationships with their customers.

    One way Mr. Electric and Aire Serv franchisees develop these relationships is to keep in regular contact with email marketing. The in-house marketing team create and agree a 12 month email and promotion calendar that will touch base with your customers and give you the best chance to sell repeat business.
  1. Customer has an incentive to continue the relationship (an operational attachment)
    People are human, and naturally want more for their money. Businesses that reward (bribe) customers with coupons, points and bonuses create an incentive-based relationship that crumbles once the incentive is taken away.

    This operational relationship makes repeat sales and relationships more predictable. Sales will fall away when the incentive is taken away. Sales will stay steady when the relationship is maintained.

    A marketing schedule will give you the best chance to take control and increase your sales. This may include email, social media and flyers to leave with your customer.
  1. Customer ‘has’ to continue the relationship because the cost of change is too high (a financial attachment)
    In this scenario, your business has tied itself into the operations of your customer to the extent that to move to another supplier would cause damage financially, operationally or socially.

    An example of this type of relationship would be common if you are the established preferred supplier when new management takes over your customer’s business. A long-term contract would make it financially difficult for either party to move away.

    This is an ‘integrated relationship’ because it reaches out into the operations of a business. This gives you chance to upsell to new management your campaigns or features related with services you have provided previously, building a relationship that didn’t exist before.

Of the three types of relationship most businesses have with customers, the operational attachment is often the most powerful. Operational relationships exist when the actual work processes of two businesses overlap.

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