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Thousands of business owners, even successful ones, hit a plateau every year. Either new clients stop accruing, or revenue stays the same, or the costs of the business have caught up to the profits. No matter how it happens, many businesses find themselves in a stagnant position.

This can mean death for a business. To break out of a plateau does not just require “more of the same.” It requires radically different action, new systems, new training and understanding. Entrepreneurs can choose to devote more and more of their time, or they can work smart and choose to franchise.

Your Already Have the Money to Franchise

Even modestly successful businesses have the revenue needed to convert their business into a franchise. Many people automatically think that all franchises cost millions to open, but the reality is that franchise business costs vary quite a bit. For example, there are plenty of profitable franchises that only cost around £15,000 - £35,000 to establish.

Devoting a portion of your revenue towards transforming or expanding your business could power unprecedented growth for your business. When it comes to choosing a franchise, your business may already be using a similar model. In that case, converting to a franchise may be even simpler and cheaper than you anticipated. In any case, many franchisors also offer in-house financing options to get your business started.

You Already Have the Time to Franchise

The central advantage of franchising is its established systems and resources. These systems, such as internet marketing or customer management, allow business owners to optimize their efforts for maximum profit. This means our franchisees end up making more with less demand on their time.

If you find yourself sinking more and more time into your business with very little return, the solution is not more effort, but different effort. At The Dwyer Group, we provide solutions that have worked for thousands of franchisees around the world. Let our systems help you utilise your time more effectively.

You Won’t Lose Your Independence

Converting your business into a franchise does not put anyone else in charge of your business. You are still the owner—franchising just puts new resources in your hands in return for a commitment to use those resources. You will still be building a business for your own success, just not by yourself.

In fact, business owners have more than full-conversion options. If you want to expand your current business to include new services or to reach new customers, expanding your business through franchising might be a suitable solution. For example, if you already handle home services, expanding your business to include aheating and gas repair or electrical repair franchise would allow you to grow horizontally as well as vertically.

The Dwyer Group helps thousands of business owners around the world achieve success and financial security through our proven systems. Our continuous support and training helps franchise owners continue growing and expanding, avoiding stagnation or boredom. If you are interested in increasing your growth reserve your space on an upcoming Awareness Day.

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