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When Mr. Electric London South West decided not to pursue further work from Homeserve Claims Management, Mark and Liz Ryland were literally walking away from around 60% of their work.

“It was a bold move that caused more than a few sleepless nights” comments Mark Ryland, “however we wanted to start taking control of our business and stop relying so much on emergency work”.

It’s a move that has paid dividends in just 8 months for Mr. Electric London South West, who now leverage a lead generation website and a preferred supplier for LED lighting, an opportunity available only by being part of the Mr. Electric network, to increase revenues by 18% year on year.

“It’s always been part of the strategy to not rely on more than 25% of work to come from a single source”, says Mark Ryland, “to cut back emergency key account work to less than 25%, and the growth of my business using pay-per-lead and LED lighting have given us a much more balanced business”.

In addition, Mr. Electric South West have become that busy that the business are advertising for additional technicians to add to the 5 already employed.

LED Lighting in Schools

Through the provider negotiated by the support office, Mr. Electric London South West have won a number of large contracts, in particular supplying LED lighting to schools.

Some of the schools that have benefitted from working with Mr. Electric London South West are below:

Beacon School

Mr. Electric London South delivered LED lights for Beacon School.Beacon School in Surrey are committed to providing an outstanding education where all students achieve academic success.

To support the school to continue to deliver the high standards of education they pride themselves upon, Mr. Electric London South West have built upon an existing relationship through carrying out regular maintenance work, to introduce LED lighting to the academy.

This has helped Beacon School to reduce regular energy outgoings, and improve the productivity of children in classes and lecture theatres using smart settings to adapt to the psychological effects of student’s performance at certain parts of the day.

Beckmead School

Mr. Electric London South have worked with the Beckmead School Families.Beckmead School in Croydon supports all members of the community to feel emotionally and physically safe.

Beckmead originally contacted Mr. Electric London South West through the lead generation website for general maintenance work. Mr. Electric London South West have now delivered emergency lighting and general maintenance for Beckmead, whilst also helping three of the four other local schools that form part of the Beckmead family.

De Stafford School

Mr. Electric London South has worked with De Stafford School in Surrey.De Stafford School in Surrey recognises not only the importance of allowing students to flourish academically but we also embrace the wider role in preparing students for their adult life beyond the formal examined curriculum.

After contacting Mr. Electric London South West through the lead generation website, Mark Ryland began recollecting his memories of earlier encounters with the school, “I know De Stafford well, it’s next to my daughter’s school. And our two sons used to swim there!” comments Mark.

When De Stafford contacted Mr. Electric London South West it quickly became apparent there was a concern about having numerous contractors working on their own individual projects. Mr. Electric London South West, thanks to their numerous accreditations including CHAS and NICEIC, were able to offer a solution to become an all-in-one electrical contractor that made management easier for De Stafford School.

De Stafford School have since gone onto request outdoor LED lighting and the fitting out of an on-site garage, which Mark hopes is the beginning of a long-term relationship.

Lead Generation

When Mark tells you “the web leads are paying off”, it’s difficult not to agree with him.

Mark comments that the volume of web leads are keeping his technicians busy, and have unearthed a few gems to help really help grow his business.

“Liz [Ryland, Co-Director of Mr. Electric London South West] took a call from a web lead for electrical maintenance that she quickly realised to be a periodic report”, Mark says, “never failing to identify an opportunity, Liz pushed me and the technicians to find some time to visit the business to help them further.”

The opportunity of a routine periodic inspection Mark discusses has since turned into a long-term circa £30,000 contract for a company manufacturing gas turbines as an alternative energy source to petrol.

Mark explains, “Jamie and Scott [Mr. Electric London South West technicians] went to see the business to carry out a periodic report. As it turns out, we’ve now been commissioned to begin 2 months’ worth of work with invoices of around £30,000. All from an £8 web lead.”

Join the Mr. Electric Network

If you would like to benefit from the preferred rates for LED lighting and the guaranteed leads that the Mr. Electric network enjoy there are UK and Ireland locations available.

Click here to request an information pack.


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