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For a home service franchise, such as Mr. Electric, the lifeblood of the business is found in leads. Leads means customers, which means revenue, which means growth. Virtually all business owners know this, but following through on establishing a customer base is another story.

Building a new customer base is a battle on multiple fronts—business owners have to:

  • Establish the credibility of their business
  • Appear on the radar of their potential customers
  • Ensure that customers keep them in mind for repeat service or referrals

Each of these tasks were possible in previous decades through a combination of traditional advertising like billboards or radio, small communities, and a fairly limited amount of competitors. Electricians could trust that their services would be employed because there were only so many electricians in the area, and the community knew who to call.

The Age of Search Engines

However, in the era of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and mobile searches, billboards and radio are far from enough. Search engines are inundated with businesses offering services from pet-sitting to professional apologisers to speak on your behalf. Within seconds, dozens of each kind of business are delivered straight to your potential customers.

As a result, finding services has never been easier—at the same time, it has never been harder for a business to make sure they are the ones who are found. Getting your business publicised on the internet can feel a bit like trying to have a quiet conversation in the middle of a rock concert. And for many business owners, their efforts result in roughly the same level of success.

To help guide business owners into using the Internet as a tool to generate consistent and high-volume leads, our blog series will outline the purpose and importance of Internet marketing, and provide solutions that will help you understand how to grow your business in the internet age. Our first blog will cover how your business can establish its credibility on the web.

Search Engine Optimisation

Credibility is another word for trustworthiness. When customers are looking for a service, they want to hire who seems the most likely to provide a solid and dependable experience. While that sounds very vague, there are straightforward ways to establish credibility. On a practice level, clients make their choices on only a few different factors.

The factors that clients use to choose services on the internet are primarily:

  • Familiarity
  • Search position
  • Professional authority

The most effective way to establish each of these things over time is through Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Put simply, SEO is how search engines find your website and provide the address to your potential clients. SEO is built through things like insightful blogs, powerful marketing language, positive customer testimonies, and frequent updates.

Other factors that contribute to SEO include a clean mobile-friendly website, consistent directory information across the internet, and social media activity. When SEO works together, it provides two main services: it makes you easy to find by search engines, and it makes you attractive to prospective customers.

Because SEO is so crucial to the success of businesses in the 21st century, every Dwyer Group Franchisee receives a custom SEO campaign to ensure that they can grow in a competitive market. We make sure that each campaign is geared towards empowering business owners to build credibility, authority, and search position for prospects in their area. We use SEO effectively to fulfil our promise to our franchisees—to generate a high-volume of new leads every week.

The Name of the Game Has Changed

In the past, SEO was mainly driven by using keywords—however, sophisticated search algorithms requires SEO campaigns to balance of all of previously mentioned factors together. When customers search for electrical services and consistently see your name, it becomes an immediate marker of credibility. Your business benefits from the implicit trust that clients put in search results, as well as the growing familiarity of your company.

Another immediate marker of credibility is search position. Searchers immediately attach greater weight and attention to the first page of search results. In fact, studies show that 71% of all clicks belong to the first page, and 68% of those clicks go toward the first three results. The more relevant, fresh, and consistent your SEO campaign is, the more your business will attract leads.

Finally, the last way SEO can provide a competitive edge to your business is through building an authoritative voice. Customers do almost all of their research on businesses without dialling a number—that means you need to establish yourself as a knowledgeable resource through your website.

An effective way to build authority is through a blog. Sharp, insightful, and timely blogs provide your business a way of showing prospective clients that you provide more dependable services than other electricians. It is also a way to continue showing up for a wide variety of searches, building your familiarity.

Come back to our blog next week to learn about how to win the next two battles for business owners: appearing on the radar of potential clients and ensuring repeat customers.

If you have additional questions about the services we provide to our franchisees, please feel free to contact us through our website today.

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