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14 Steps to Equip You for Franchise Success

Interested in opening a service-industry business but unsure of where to start? Consider these 14 qualities of a successful business!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or you currently own, operate, or work for a service-industry business, there are certain best practices that everyone in this industry can benefit from. From step 1 to 14, here’s how a successful service appointment should work.

  1. Parking
    If possible, when you arrive at your customer’s residence, park your service vehicle in the street where your customer can see it from their front door.
  2. Approaching the residence
    First impressions are crucial, so make sure you leave a good one! Avoid walking on your customer’s lawn or other landscaped areas, and always arrive to your appointments in uniform.
  3. At the door
    Every detail matters – including how you approach your customer’s door. We recommend knocking, rather than ringing the doorbell, and taking a few steps back from the door after you do. That way, your customer doesn’t feel crowded.
  4. Greeting your customer
    When your customer opens the door, greet them with a smile, introduction, and a handshake. It’s also a good idea to provide them with one of your business cards.
  5. Entering the residence
    One thing that can really set you apart from other service companies is placing a mat in the entryway where you can wipe your shoes and place on shoe covers. This protects the customers’ home from any debris you may have tracked in.
  6. Breaking the ice
    Your customer will be more inclined to trust you if they feel comfortable around you. Try an icebreaker like paying them a compliment, and remember to address them as Mr./Mrs./Miss.
  7. Diagnosing the problem
    Make your way directly to the area that’s the cause of the visit. Before you begin any work, ask the customer what issues they have been experiencing and assure them you can help.
  8. Share your expertise
    As the expert, make sure you explain what you’re doing and what you plan on doing to fix the problem. Customers tend to trust service experts who ask informed questions and provide answers.
  9. Explain the situation to your customer
    After checking into the issue, show the customer what must be done to fix the problem, and also remember to explain any additional challenges the issue might present.
  10. Give an explanation of the cost
    Be honest with your customer by handing them a menu pricing guide. This indicates that the price you quoted is the standard price for that service. It may also be helpful to offer the repair that would require the littlest amount of money for immediate relief.
  11. Creating a workstation
    Now it’s time to start the work. Set up a clean workstation by putting down a drop cloth and arranging your tools neatly.
  12. Go above and beyond
    Customers appreciate when their service technicians go above and beyond, so in addition to checking into their area of concern, evaluate other areas of the system to check for any other problems that might be lurking.
  13. Offer helpful tips
    Everyone can appreciate a good discount, which is why service technicians should consider offering their customers a variety of money-saving options.
  14. Before you leave
    As you’re wrapping up the appointment, make sure to thoroughly clean up the area and provide your customer with a detailed invoice. You can also leave them with branded pens, magnets, and other materials to remind them of your service even after you leave.

These 14 steps are part of the time-tested systems developed by the franchising experts at The Dwyer Group. Our programs have the components you need for a better business. Learn more by contacting us today!

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