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Customers Are Choosing Mr. Electric. Here’s Why.

For consumers, the options for choosing an electrician seem endless. If you’re in the electrical business, you’ll need to stand out.

Fixed Pricing

No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for electrical services. That’s why Mr. Electric operates on a fixed pricing model, not subject to change or bargaining. We are always up front and honest about how much our services cost, which is just one reason we stand out to consumers.

No Call Out Fees

Mr. Electric technicians never charge an additional fee just to come out to our customer’s residence. Call out fees are additional charges on top of the cost of the actual repair, maintenance, or install.

Free Quotes

When customers have an electrical issue, Mr. Electric technicians will provide quotes free of charge. This encourages contacts because there is virtually no risk in simply calling and seeing how much a service will cost.

Fast Response

Electricity is a necessity, which is why when consumers are experiencing electrical problems, they tend to hire the company who can come out the quickest. Mr. Electric is known for fast response times.

Highly Trained Staff

All of our electricians are qualified, verified, and experienced. This promotes high-quality electrical services every time!

Installation, Repair & Maintenance Services

Unlike many companies who only do electrical installation or only do repairs, Mr. Electric offers a wide spectrum of services, including installations, repairs, and regular maintenance.

We Guarantee Our Work

All of our work is guaranteed, which is a benefit that gives customers and potential customers the confidence they need in our services.

If you want a successful electrical business, consider teaming up with Mr. Electric, part of The Dwyer Group® family of companies. Get in touch with us today to discover available opportunities!

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