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Jim Smith of Glasgow first joined as a Drain Doctor franchise owner in November 2011, but the determined businessman didn’t stop there and also took on a Mr. Electric franchise.

Entrepreneur Jim Smith first started franchising after he realised an early retirement wasn’t for him. Jim has a background in the retail and hospitality sector and has run his own business for the past 28 years. His goal was to earn enough to be able to retire comfortably at 50, but after quickly realising that he missed the buzz of business, he looked into franchising with his son, Andrew.

His son had just completed a degree in Construction Management, and as it was at the time of financial crisis a few years ago, work was in short supply for Andrew. Together, Jim and Andrew decided to take on a Drain Doctor franchise, and in November 2011 began trading in the Glasgow North area. Together, they built their Drain Doctor franchise up and created a good, steady business for themselves.

However, both Jim and Andrew felt restricted by the geographical boundaries so they looked into expanding their Drain Doctor franchise into Glasgow South. When this was unsuccessful they looked into something else. As The Dwyer Group® had recently acquired Drain Doctor, Jim and Andrew could now benefit from the possibilities that this brought with it. As The Dwyer Group also looks after Aire Serv® and Mr. Electric in the UK, they had their choice of the two, but thought that Plumbing and Electrical went hand in hand.

As Mr. Electric was also under The Dwyer Group, they knew this would leave them at an advantage as they already knew the system, and more importantly, had a ready database of customers. After launching in March, they have managed to grow their Mr. Electric alongside Drain Doctor, and now employ four electricians, one of which is a Quality Surveyor. They have now also taken on an apprentice and a customer service receptionist to assist in their operations.

They managed to quickly build a strong flow of return custom from letting agents and companies who also use their Drain Doctor services. Both Jim and Andrew feel that their Drain Doctor and Mr. Electric companies work well together, and they even work as an advert for each other, helping to boost business and customer satisfaction.

Jim and Andrew’s drive to build up a strong partnership between Mr. Electric and Drain Doctor is definitely leading them down the road of prosperity and profit. The team at Mr. Electric are very excited about the prospect of working with the first with multi-branded franchise owner and hopes that it is an amazing success for Jim and Andrew.

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