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It’s always exciting when you embark on a new path in your career and that’s exactly what Jimmy, Anil and Asim are in the middle of. The three are currently in preparation to launch their new Mr. Electric® businesses. Upon speaking to each of them, they all seemed eager to start their journey with Mr. Electric.

Coming from a franchising background, Jimmy is looking forward to expanding his business into the world of Electrics. Mr. Electric was the franchise opportunity that Jimmy initially looked at, but former motives pushed him in another direction. He started with a Drain Doctor® franchise many years ago, and has been happy with the growth of his business. However, he has been looking into expanding his business for a while now and since the Dwyer Group® has reacquired Drain Doctor, it has opened doors to many new possibilities. With the Dwyer Group looking after the Drain Doctor franchise once more, Jimmy now has the opportunity he has always dreamed of to open a Mr. Electric franchise as he feels the two businesses work well together. He is happy to be able to build the two brands together and believes that drainage and electrical services go hand in hand.

Anil however is new to the franchising industry and is thrilled with the amount of support he has already received. He was pleased with the extent of help from both head office and other franchisees, and feels the training he received has fully prepared him for running his new business. The support that Mr. Electric provides includes marketing expertise, PR management, accounts and financial aid, national accounts, generating leads, growth forecast and strategies, streamlined systems and technical support. Anil is confident that his new business endeavour will flourish with all of the help that Mr. Electric can provide and is thrilled about his launch in a few weeks.

Asim has previously worked with Mr. Electric and took note of how quickly these franchises grew into very successful businesses. He also commented on the vast amount of support he has received not only from head office, but from other franchisees. He mentioned one of the factors that drove him towards Mr. Electric was the initial cost being lower than other franchise opportunities that he looked into and commented on the fact that Mr. Electric is a very low risk investment. He also explained how he much preferred a franchise investment as, compared to starting his own business, which would take 5-6 months, with all the support from Mr. Electric he could launch his business within 5-6 weeks. And with all the help that is readily available to him, he feels assured that his business will quickly flourish and his investment will become extremely successful.

From the whole team here at Mr. Electric, we warmly welcome Jimmy, Anil and Asim into the family and are thoroughly excited about the things to come. Equal to our other Mr. Electric franchises, we are expecting big things and wish them all the luck in the world for their launch. With our promise of guaranteed leads, I’m sure they will hit the ground running and will quickly be able to see their investment growing. We love to help people realise their ambitions and have faith in all our franchisees to prosper in their new business.

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