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It may seem like starting your own business is a leap in the dark; most people wouldn’t know how to begin. This is where a franchise like Mr. Electric can shine a light on your future.

New Year is ideal for taking stock of what matters most to you, and what goals are attainable for the coming year. Could this include a change in direction coupled with a desire to achieve more for yourself? What about actually working for yourself instead of working for somebody else?

The franchise industry is booming, with an annual turn-over worth over £15bn*, and is proven to offer a secure step into business ownership. For someone looking for a profitable management franchise, offering excellent services to both private and commercial customers.

So why not just go it alone?

Sure, you can work it all out for yourself, but in reality – it is much easier to stand on a strong foundation when running your own business. The franchise brand has done the background work for you, so you’re already starting from pole position. And with the heavyweight of a well-established brand like the Dwyer Group’s Mr. Electric, you carry their name when you pitch to new customers.

Mark Ryland, who started his Mr. Electric London South West, in 2012 saw it as clear as daylight, "If I were to walk up to a £200,000 job as my own company, 'Mark Ryland Electrical', I wouldn't even get looked at. Being a part of a much larger brand and having the strength of that brand behind you, has provided me so many more opportunities which has pushed my business a lot further than if I was working alone.”

What is the benefit of being part of a franchise network?

The benefit of investing in a franchise, not only brings you the heavyweight of the Dwyer Group brand, and the recognised name of Mr. Electric, you also have access to the excellent training and ongoing support the franchise offers. Then, there is the sense of belonging to a network of like-minded business owners.

"If you had a question or problem with your business or a customer, who would you ask for support?" Mark asks. "Who would you call? You can't call another electrical contractor – they're your competition! With a franchise, you can ask a neighbouring franchisee, or someone who has dealt with a similar problem in the past who will not only be able to support you with anything you need based on their experiences."

So, as you wind down 2017, and start to think about what’s left to achieve for the coming year – explore franchising with a Mr. Electric management opportunity. Who knows where you could be this time next year.

If you are interested in taking control of your 2018, and finding out more about our franchise opportunities for the New Year, please contact Sarah Wood on 01527 549 593 or email

* Source: NatWest/bfa Franchise Survey 2015

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