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Here at Dwyer Group, we are extremely supportive of women who wish to join the franchising world, especially when we are in a male dominated industry. Dina Dwyer-Owens is known for supporting women into the industry with her Women in the Trades (WIIT) initiative. After appearing on Undercover Boss, where she worked alongside a female Mr. Appliance technician, she set up WIIT to help more women into the trades industry. Every year, Dwyer Group funds $1,500 scholarships to help women to learn a trade. 

In the UK, we also want to support women as much as we can to join franchising. That's why we are now a member of Encouraging Women Into Franchising (EWIF). EWIF support women who are looking for a way into franchising, and provide advice for women to encourage them to step into franchising. 

"Whether it’s starting their own businesses or helping women in their industry, I’ve been so pleased with the response we’ve had since founding EWIF," explains Clive Sawyer, CEO of EWIF. "So many women become dissatisfied with the lack of progress they seem to receive in employment, so helping them to start and run their own businesses is extremely rewarding for everyone involved. I also strongly believe it’s important we celebrate the successes of those already in our industry, showing everyone what they could achieve too. This is what EWIF’s all about!” explains Clive Sawyer, CEO of EWIF."

Since joining EWIF, we are also proud to say that we have started up our Voices of Women (VoW) initiative within our network. From our Reunion in Prague recently, we had our first meeting to launch this initiative and we received very good feedback from all the women who attended. Everyone was excited about the idea that we were creating a space for the women of the network to feel comfortable to voice opinions, thoughts and ideas. 

We are so proud to be a part EWIF and to have launched our VoW initiative as it really shows our dedication to help women into franchising and discover a way to own their own business. 

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