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Franchisee Spotlight

Jeff Longley

Jeff Longley had already ran and sold a successful business when he saw the opportunity in Mr. Electric, as both a profitable enterprise which provided an immediate income stream, and as a career for his son.

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Mark Ryland

Mark Ryland spent 20 years working in IT before he bought a Mr. Electric franchise with his wife, Liz, in 2004.

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Lee Ives

Lee Ives started off as a technician before joining the Mr. Electric family. He benefits from Mr. Electric's support and wealth of resources.

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"I was immediately struck by the power of the brand, as well as the existing national contracts we'd pick up with companies as large as The AA, B&Q and British Gas."

- Mark Ryland

"Success is all about having the right attitude – it's got nothing to do with skills or experience. I left school with just one O-level and now I'm sitting on a million-pound-a-year business that delivers a very healthy income for me and my family."

- Jeff Longley