Pursue Success with Mr. Electric

Our Benefit to You

Four promises We Make to You

  1. Marketing Support – Dedicated marketing programmes will help tell your story and increase brand awareness to become the 'go to' brand and service provider in your area.

  2. Streamlined Systems – Adapted over 30 years of service franchises, you get all of your operations and systems streamlined to help you become more productive and efficient.

  3. Easy Financial Control – With support when you need it, you can rest assured you will have guidance and the tools to easily manage your finances.

  4. Helping You to Achieve Your Ambitions – Whether you are looking to retire in 10 years or create a substantial business, Mr. Electric can help you reach your goals.

Whatever your ambitions, we will work with you to build
and grow your business into whatever you want it to be.

Join the Mr. Electric Franchise Family

Choosing to franchise with Mr. Electric is an exciting opportunity to pursue a better and brighter future. We have 200 electrician franchise locations around the world, giving us the experience we need to truly help our franchise owners succeed. We have a reputation for building successful companies along with our business owners.

Our ongoing training and support includes the following:

  • Coaching geared to your location / territory
  • Technical training in electricity services
  • Networking with other franchise owners
  • National conventions
  • Access to new technology / research
  • Opportunities for cross marketing
  • Discounts for products and services
  • Partnerships with national companies
  • Training in technology, marketing, and sales

Global Leader in Electrician Services Since 1994

As a subsidiary of Neighbourly, we are proud to provide excellent training and support for our franchise owners. Neighbourly serves more than 2.5 million customers around the world every year. Our adherence to a strict code of values has allowed us to maintain a strong reputation while retaining our customers year after year. We value integrity, professionalism, excellence, honesty, and respect, and we look for service franchise owners who value these same characteristics.

If you are interested in joining Mr. Electric, you’ll be tying your name to a brand with national recognition and a reputation for integrity. We’re proud of our consistency and our status as a leading brand. To learn more or to take the first step in owning your own business, contact us to get more information.

Start Building Your
Business with the Best

See Why Others Chose to Invest in a Mr. Electric Franchise:

"I was immediately struck by the power of the brand, as well as the existing national contracts we'd pick up with companies as large as The AA, B&Q and British Gas."

- Mark Ryland

"Success is all about having the right attitude – it's got nothing to do with skills or experience. I left school with just one O-level and now I'm sitting on a million-pound-a-year business that delivers a very healthy income for me and my family."

- Jeff Longley